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SBC: Day 17

17) Another day in the life

This just so happened to be another day off for me.  I booked a couple days at the beginning of this week to go visit my family.

7:30am – my alarm goes off.  I had the best of intentions for this morning, but I’m still not feeling 100% so I decide to sleep for another hour.

8:45 – ok, now I’m up.  My wonderful brother has made coffee, and I sip a cup while I summon the energy to take the dogs out.  Between my parents’, my brother’s and mine….it’s a lot of dog.


10:00 – Time for breakfast.  I make pumpkin spiced pancakes with an apple topping for everyone.  Washed down with more coffee, of course.


11:00 – Brother, sister and I go to the gym.  Given the tiny-ness of my hometown, the gym is actually pretty spacious and well-equipped.


1:00 – home, snacks and showers, then we head to “the city” for the afternoon to do a bit of shopping.  My big purchase? A new travel coffee mug.  Big spender.  We stop at Starbucks for the first pumpkin spiced lattes of the season and then pick up groceries for dinner.

IMG_6969 IMG_6938

6:00 – my other sister arrives and we start dinner prep.  We’re having wonton soup and salad rolls.  It turns out to be just about as labour-intensive as you might imagine.

IMG_6944 IMG_6949

8:00 – there’s a little art project underway.  It’s still a surprise, but it involved papier mache.

10:00 – we’re all cleaned up and I’m settled in on the couch with a tea and Kaylee.  I’m leaving her here for a couple weeks since I’m going away, and I think she’s beginning to suspect something’s up!  I’m putting together a workout plan for my brother and sister, so I spend a bit of time on that and catching up on news/blogs/instagram, then get to bed around midnight.