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SBC: Day 16

16) Makeup-less Monday and what beauty means to you

Most photos you’ll see of me are makeup-less.  This one is not only makeup-less, but also sweaty and post-run.


I realized years ago that I didn’t really know what I was doing when it came to hair or makeup, so I pretty much gave up.  I haven’t owned concealer or foundation in genuinely at least six years.  My makeup bag is a small pencil case containing one brown and one purple eyeliner, gold eye shadow, mascara and a bunch of bobby pins.  The mascara is the only thing I use regularly, and even that is only when I’m at work or going out.  I’m recently kind of in love with lipstick though.  I like how in one quick swipe it can make me look so much more put-together.

What beauty means to me?  Confidence.  Grace.  Feeling comfortable in your skin.  Doing beautiful things.