This Week’s Workouts

Look at me keeping up with my resolution for the first half week!

I haven’t started wearing my fitbit yet (it’s charging as I type…), so look for step counts and stuff next week, but I’ll just give a quick recap for this week.

Monday – a double at work, which is kind of a workout in and of itself, but I don’t count it, so REST.

Tuesday – a quick 2 mile run, weights and then a 75 minute hot class

Wednesday – 45 minute spin class and 30 minutes of home practice

Thursday – ummm… I was a lazy bum and barely got out of bed all day.  REST, REST, REST.

Friday – 60 minute hot class plus another 60 of home practice

Saturday – 3.5 hours of rock climbing! My shoulders and back are SORE today!

Sunday – 3 mile run, weights and 90 minute yin class

I’m also going to start tracking food this coming week. This past week wasn’t terrible, but between New Year’s Eve and a friend’s birthday party last night there was definitely more bubbly liquids consumed than usual…..I’ll never complain about an excuse to drink champagne though! (Or, one that’s more legit than my usual “It’s Tuesday….or Wednesday….or Thursday….”)


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