September Blogging Challenge, Day 3

3) Favourite fashion trend(s) right now


I would never describe myself as very fashionable. Or very “with it”.

I send desperate texts to my much more trendy friends like “Are maxi dresses still cool?”.

But I DID happen to pick up a Women’s Health magazine recently that says that athletic-inspired items are on-trend for fall.  So if “athletic-inspired” is cool, that means straight up athletic is cool too, right? Right??  This is totally something I can get behind, because I basically live in yoga leggings and tanks.  And the crazier the patterns/colours on the leggings, the better.  A quick glance through my instagram is proof:

IMG_6462 IMG_4526 IMG_3989 Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 7.38.55 PM

(the stripey ones are both by k.deer (<– LOVE them, and you’d better believe I have my eyes on more), grey floral are lululemon, and the blue ones are some random cheapy brand)

With fall arriving imminently, I’m also looking forward to big cozy scarves and sweaters, boots and the return of dark and moody nail polish.


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