(Well, actually, today.  Less than 9 hours from now.)

I’ll be on a plane to start my journey to Bali.

To say my anxiety level is through the roof might be an understatement.  I’m all packed.  The fridge is empty.  House is clean and ready for my wonderful friend to temporarily move in.  I’m as ready as I can possibly be.  And I still can’t calm down.

I’ve been pacing around.  Picking this up, putting it over there. Wiping the counter one more time.  Reorganizing the books in my carry-on.  The idea of getting any sleep tonight is long gone.

I had a lovely day today.  It’s been a lovely week, really.  I visited with family and dear friends.  Said my “see you soon”s to loved ones.  Almost all of them.  There are still things unsaid, unfinished conversations, that I will try desperately not to allow to consume my thoughts (and surely fail at this).  I’m trying hard to feel settled and remember that things are exactly the way they should be, the way they need to be, right at this moment.

It’s hard to say goodbye, even if it’s just for a short 6 weeks.  Because 6 weeks IS short.  This amazing experience will be over before I know it.  And I’ll be wondering what I was ever so nervous about.

I’m hoping to update at least once a week while I’m away.

And guys?  Leave me comments.  Or write me emails.  Please?  Because it’s not really fair that you’ll get this little peak into what I’m up to and I’ll be left wondering about all of you.





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